Flange Connections

A key component for mation the power transmission device to ther power drive and the driven component.Our quality forged companion flange adapter will ensure problem free operations and ease of connection.

The universal joint shaft is normally connected to the flange adapters at both ends by flanging and bolting the outboard yoke flanges to the flanges of the flange adapters. There are four types of flange connections as shown below:

Please specify your choice of flange connections when making orders.

The companion flange adapters are provided separately on request. Customers requesting flange adapters can either provide us with relevant drawings, or specify requirements for customized designing. If you need our assistance in companion flange designing, please determine the type of companion flange required (cylindrical bore or flat bore). Then complete Table11 or Table12 with related dimensional data and fax it back to us.

Table11 Technical Data for Standard Cylindrical Bore Companion Flanges

Specifications for Matching Universal Joints D D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 L L1
SWC K h t t1 B b n-d α
Technical Data for Standard Flat Bore Companion Flanges

Specifications for Matching Universal Joints D D1 D2 D3 D4 L K
SWC h t B B1 n-d α

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